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Infomercials, Commercials, Advertisement and Safety Videos

LaCroix Water

A mother's experience of a new born photography session

 Commercial Action/ Fight

Advertisement for Non Profit Organisation H.O.P.E.

Corporate event Video

Web Advertisement for Photographer

Web Advertisement for Photographer

Web video for Event Location

Web video for non profit organization Ginga Arts

Web Advertisement for DVD workshop

So Cal Patriot Guard Riders

Advertisement for Pacific Mall



LaCroix water

Coffee Slender, Informercial forBroadcast 30 min

Morongo Tutoring, DVD

Rothenberger, 2 DVDs

Cotton, Infomercial DVD

USC, Training and Safety videos 10 DVDs

Hamilton Construction, training and safety videos 

American Accent Reduction, Lisa Mojsin DVDs

Phenomenex, inc, taraining video

Digital Deck, Infomercial

Bosley Hair Restoration expert, Infomercial

ARB, inc, 5 safety videos

Sure Shot, 5 volume DVDs on photography, + 30 min Infomercial

Sensuous Women's Work Out, DVD

Being Sensuous Beauty, DVD

H.O.P.E. 4 Web Infomercials

Can't Love Without It, Web Infomercials

Daylight Transport

Blinds, Web infomercials

Becoming a Citizen, Spanish, 4 volume DVDs

Ginga Arts, Web video

John McGrail, PhD.CHt, Hypnotherapist, DVD and Web Infomercial

Moxness SPA, Commercial

StandOutMarketing, event video

Dr John McGrail, Web advertisement

Patriot Guard Riders


Infomercial Call to Action, for Broadcast, from 30 min program

We are happy to help you with all your Corporate Video needs; infomercials, Commercials, Web Advertisement, Safety Videos,

Training Videos, Promotional Videos and more.

Promotional video for Opera Singer

Advertisement for Non Profit Organisation

Training Videos

To be able to train your employees, or your costumers, through a professionally made video is a great tool. You have a guarantee that all the information you wanted to deliver is given. The visual examples the video provides makes the whole learning process clearer and easier to remember. A training video is less costly than paying an educator for each training period. People also tend to respond better and clearer to the moving images than to printed material. If your employees have trouble grasping a certain concept, they can simply rewind and hear it again. A training video for consumers can be beneficial for instruction on how to use the product, or for giving instruction of care or maintenance for the product purchased.

Promotional Videos / Infomercials

We can give your product get the attention it deserves! With great cinematography, a dynamic visual look, and marketing effective text, we will help your product get the attention it needs to be a hit!We will produce your infomercial, and work with you on your ideas, or help with suggestions on how to reach out. We will bring all our talented crew and talent to work to help you reach the highest level of production value. We work with you, and for you, depending on what you need. We work close with you in the process of making this infomercial the best it can be, and benefit your product the most. We will help you make an infomercial that shows the necessity of your product, and the importance of your views. Our goal is that your product succeeds. Sometimes you want to put a little more into the advertisement and give it a description, price and ordering information. We will help you make an infomercial that shows the necessity of your product, and importance of your views.


A promotional video is one of the most effective ways to reach out to new and return customers. It increases interest by showing detailed demonstrations and allows you to suggest different uses, and benefits, of the product. This increases the consumer interest and need for the product and your sales will go up. Our expertise in advertising and promoting will benefit your video to reach its goals in making a promotional video for your products or services. When you want to get your products out in the market fast and effective, it is time to make a promotional video. We will make a high quality video that:demonstrates the use of the productexplains how the product is beneficial to the consumermakes the product look its best includes recommendations from satisfied costumers and consumers.

Safety Videos

No work place can afford to have accidents! There is no better way of making the workers remember the safety rules that through showing visual examples! It will be custom-made to serve the needs for your particular work facility. When you have a company with employees it is your responsibility to introduce them to how to do the job safely. A safety video is a perfect way of introducing the workers in the safety issues and for the management to know that all the employees has received all the safety information. It is also is your guarantee that nothing has been left out. Often safety information is given out on paper, but many people will never read this information. A safety video, which can be shown in a screening room for the workers, guaranties that it has been seen and the information taken in. The brain remembers visualized information easier, and exemplified safety situations, helps everyone to reinsure a safer work environment. Employees remember the information better and the workplace runs a lower risk of accidents. Do yourself a favor, and be an accident free work environment. Order a safety video today!Explain safety rules that your specific work environment needs to pay attention toPoints out dangerous situationsExemplifies dangerous situations and show how to stay safeShows what to do, and how to behave, if a dangerous situation occur.

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