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Document the journey


Reality TV

Behind The Scenes





God Kveld Norge, TV2, TV2 Nyheter,  Mastiff



Top Model Norge / Next Norwegian Top Model


TV3, web episodes

Music Box, Behing the Scenes, DVD

The Race Across America, documentary

The Morongo Learning Center


Gumball 3000

Norwegian Stuntmen in LA

Art exibit  by Jerry Josef Calote

Behind the Scenes - Car Magazine

USC  - The move of a Fire Station

This Side of Summer, 

Award Winning Documentary Short

Race Across America

The Music Box

Behind The Scenes / The Making of



We are happy to provide shooting and directing for Behind The Scenes for Reality Show's web episodes, providing the footage, or to both shoot, edit and deliver finished Behind The Scenes episodes for Internet. We also do longer documentary format for films.


Behind the Scenes is a journey on it's own, a journey where the greatness and the personality of the project really is coming out, and everyone is interested in how the creation came to be. Today is a natural part of any film or video production, because the Journey is half of the result with it's own dynamic and dramatic story line. Here lays the secrets of how things are approached and how it came to life. We enjoy producing great videos showing the Making of the Movie, showing the additional parts that created the Story, and made it come to life.

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